Kinesthetic Representation System


This presentation has the purpose of introducing the study of movement capture devices that determine the “corporal acousmatic” space, which creates a new kinesthetic representation system for sound within the body. The questions that emerge from the research are: How do these connective sensitivity processes emerge? Which behaviors derive from this constantly changing modality of interactive dialogue?

Based on the analysis of two devices that create sound spaces, COUSMEAUCORPS (composer Tom Mays) and TOUCHEMOILEPHONNE (composer Woodi Tat), we will explore how these systems that amplify the senses create new “bundles” of sensitive appearance at the same time. These two sound spaces are associated with the experience of movement, where the human body becomes a musical instrument that performs the computer analyses obtained from the electronic devices through numerical models. This model invites us to explore the gestural fluency and/or establish a connection with our displacements, creating a new space of simultaneousness between sound and movement.

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