Multimodal Methodologies for Analyzing the Musical Experience


In this communication, we will present results from two multimodal experimental designs, whose common objective is the study of the musical experience with the purpose of offering some methodological reflections about the research of cognitive aspects linked to the acousmatic musical experience in particular.

First we will present a qualitative-quantitative exploratory study, predominantly qualitative, conducted using electrodermal activity logs in subjects who listened to fragments from eight musical pieces classifiable as electroacoustic (or loudspeaker music). This data was used as an informative complement to the data obtained from semi-structured interviews conducted after each listening session.

In the second case, we will present an experimental design under development, where we will use measurements obtained from the eye tracking and pupil dilation of subjects who listen to music, combined with explanation interviews, a technique that has been practiced since it appeared in the context of neuro-phenomenology.

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