Using a Body-Worn Sound System as a Tool for Interdisciplinary Research


In the past decade, the improvement and price reduction of portable audio tools have enabled the development of interdisciplinary projects that incorporate, in various ways and formats, mobile sound as a creative tool. Although there are interesting examples of projects that incorporate mobile sound into instrumental music and sound installations, there are few examples where the spatialized sound has been effectively integrated as a central element in the creative process of dance. This project is based on the design and implementation of a body-worn sound system conceived as a flexible application that intends to develop an effective link among dancers, composers, choreographers and the audience. The project considered measurements conducted with an acoustic camera in an anechoic room, where the radiation characteristics and the frequency response of the system were measured using various types of sound signals as a working basis. In parallel to the measurements, practical demonstrations were conducted with an audience, where the acoustic characteristics of the body-worn sound system perceived by the audience were evaluated, as well as the artistic potential of the interface as a creative tool in various contexts of dance performance and electroacoustic music. Future developments of the project intend to explore ways of relating and integrating the use of the body-worn sound system with multichannel audio systems in different types of venues for dance and music performance.

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