In Fragile Intersections, performance and installation are merged in a single work, reflecting on the contemporary body that emerges from the intersection and interaction of its biology with technology; a new hybrid body crossed by a multiplicity of information that questions its subjectivity, its identity and its simultaneous state between organicity and artificiality. Voice, sound, movement, dance, biosignals and objects converge at fragile intersections, all of them fused in an interactive system that proposes a multiple and complex body: sometimes singular and other times collective, part flesh and part machine, immersed in an unstable environment that forces the subject to feel, act and transform.

The installation is composed of two interactive and autonomous objects: Junípero and Sensorium.

Junípero is based on paper and muscle wire materials, also known as smart metal or shape-memory alloy. It suggests multiple interpretations derived from its sinuous and graceful movements; the relationship between body and machine; the metaphor of the anatomy and physiology of what is alive thanks to a machine; the search for the experience in the machine, as well as the space-time relationship that arises when observing the movement of a seemingly living object.

Junípero becomes active through Sensorium, an interactive sculpture that invites the audience to engage with their own body and proprioception through their voice, heart rate and face. The sculpture acquires these signals through multiple sensors and creates a visual and sound environment based on the person’s features, as well as from those of the previous visitors, generating the installation’s visual and sound ambience.

At specific times, the installation will be intervened and connected through a solo performance based on live voice, data from biosignal, and inertial and electromyographic signals connected to the sculpture. The voice comes to signify the movements of consciousness, emotion, intention, desire and presence, while also having the power to communicate through language. The technological object is linked to the biological body by following, responding and also appearing as an extension of it, mediated by the technologies, building the human-machine dialogue that constitutes the macrosystem of the piece.

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Upcoming events

Fragile Intersections will be exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) in coordination with Anilla Cultural from March 19 to April 19, 2020. During 2020 there will be presentations at Universidad Austral in Valdivia, the Sala Escénica of Universidad de Playa Ancha, Valparaiso, and the Sonorities Festival, United Kingdom. In addition, the project proposes a diversity of relations with the public, incorporating workshops, experimentation with techniques and methodology of creation in public and specialized places, dissemination in Santiago and regions, and exchanges with international peers. Sections of this process have been shown at NIME 2018 and 2019, as well as in national venues such as the Arts Forum of Universidad de Chile, Metro de Santiago and Espacio O.


Additional Collaboration

Additional Collaboration


CREART 2018-19
FONDART Nuevos Medios 2019
Department of Dance and Department of Sound, Faculty of Arts, Universidad de Chile
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